The old site is dead, long live the new algarve-photo. I decided to change I missed many updates in the last 15 months, photography keeps me busy ind I still prefer to be in the field than spending to┬ámuch time infront of the computer. That’s why I made the decision to change to whole concept of this site. Algarve-Photo will now present three photographers, Silvio Conceicao, Goncalo Martins and my work.

We are friends and photographers, sharing the same passion for landscape photography but working with different techniques. For me that’s very interesting and I hope that the audience will agree. Silvio is an experienced underwater photographer, working with digital and film, I like the way he sees things and his straight style in photography. Goncalo is mainly shooting medium format, developing and printing the traditional way, he has extensive knowledge and a beautiful studio in the centre of Portimao.