The print quality of this book is beautiful, printed on the best photographic book paper available, it is illustrated with text and many images never published before on the web and print. This book contains over 75 of my latest photographs, descriptions about my workflow and details about the chemical process of the development.
All paper books are signed, on the first page, with a very fine tipped, pigmented black pen.

ALGARVE 2012 – Retrospective
66 pages, color & black & white, 20x25cm (8×10″), Hardcover, ProLine Pearl Photo Paper, signed by hand, collectible

91,95 Euro (plus shipping)
Download a sampler of this book (PDF format, 100dpi)


The quality of this eBook is amazing, see the book for specific details (number of photographs in each book).
These eBooks are only available on this site, they are in PDF format at 300dpi and no compression, to preserve the quality of my images. These eBooks can read on any device that reads PDF files. Depending on your device you may need a program (so called app) to open the file.

ALGARVE 2012 – Retrospective
66 pages, color & black & white, PDF format, 300dpi, eBook version

9,95 Euro (download)