Ponta de Agulha

Christmas at Ponta de Agulha. Weather was looking so promising that we decided to visit Ponta de Agulha – again. There was one composition I always wanted to shoot but the sky had to be right. This time it was for me. Although we had to wait for a long time.

Shot with the Sinar F2 and a Rodenstock Grandagon 90mm on Velvia 50:

Ponta de Agulha

Self Portrait Sinar F2

Arrifana, West Coast

We are just back from the Costa Norte, captured some amazing new images, although the weather was not on our site. Well, there is no bad weather on the west coast. It’s just different. There was rain, heavy rain. Making the walk to the locations a dangerous experience. The negatives have been developed and scanned.

I shot the first image of the day in large format, with Kodak TMax 100 black & white film. Still had a bag of Kodak D76 developer in the fridge. In the beginning I did not like the TMax, it’s a critical film, the development has to be spot on, every time, don’t change time and temperatures and find the specific workflow that gives you the best results. I “wasted” more than 40 sheets from a 50 box, to find the right exposure, developing time and temperature. I develop it for 12.5′ in my Jobo processor, preparing the D76 a few minutes before the development. even the water seems to be critical, I will stick to Aqua de Monchique, because it gave me the best results. And in the end I prefer it over Fuji Acros 100 and I will order more TMax soon.

Carrapateira Dunas, West Coast

Another two days at the office (west coast), we scouted the massive dunes arround Carrapateira, shooting the most untouched of them. I have shot 4 sheets of Velvia 50 in large format.

Another day at the office

Another day at the office

Praia do Vau

Yesterday we made the decision to try our luck at Praia do Vau, between Portimao and Alvor. This means getting up early, and couting on mother nature to be nice, warm light and maybe some clouds as well. Wishing. Dissapointment was on our side, no clouds, but at least the light was very good.

Shot two images on Velvia and Provia 100F in 4×5. Developed them immediately after getting back home, because there was not much time, we also had planned a boat trip to another famous but hard to get place.

Castelejo Beach, West Coast

We visited Castelejo Beach, prepared for a great sunset. The place was crowded by many tourists, shooting around with their digital compacts, like there will be no tomorrow. I managed to expose on sheet of Velvia 50. Without too many people inside of my composition, a slow exposure time helped to get rid of them. And in the end I liked the shot.

Thank you Silvio, for capturing the “situation”. :)