Sandy Lunitz, shooting a large format camera

Sandy Lunitz

The reason I photograph is to experience the beauty of nature. I explore the elements of landscapes, water, rocks, trees and clouds. My approach is idealistic und puristic. A fine art print is primarily the product of a person, not of a camera.

I primarily using 4×5 large format film cameras to expand my creativity, I work with large format film that I develop in my own darkroom, black & white and color (E6 & C41). Film is part of the whole process of my photography, which starts with the idea of an image in my head and ends with the creation of the final print. Each step requires concentration, its goal is to create a satisfying piece of art. As we live in a digital age my aim is to get the most out of both worlds, film and digital. Film because it was the material of the icons of photography and to hold the physical result of a beautiful moment that I have captured is very exciting and leads me to a more intense relationship to the image and the landscape. It also allows me to produce images of higher quality. This results in the privilege to get the most out of both worlds.

I went to large format because my goal is to get back to what I saw, to capture and share the special moment. When I look at the final print I can say this image looks like what I saw when I was standing there. I don’t want and I don’t use other filters infront of my lens than a polarizer and sometimes a weak graduated 2-stop density filter, because I want to share the real beauty that was out there. I will leave it to the viewer to decide for themselves what they think is good or bad.

Originally from Germany, making my home in the Algarve, which is my favourite photographic location, where I create and sell my work. Since 1999, I have worked as a freelance 3D art director and photographer. Clients have included, ZDF (second german television), federal state government Berlin, University of Rostock and many architects. My images have been published in books and magazines (Stern, Spiegel, Focus, GEO and many more).

Sandy Lunitz is available for private commissions, both personal and corporate. Please contact a member of our team.