Silvio Conceicao

Silvio Conceicao

Ola…, I was born in the Algarve in 1970. I began taking photos in the early 80’s my first official camera was a Nikonos V with a fixed 35mm lens. With a love for the underwater world, it was here that I started to teach myself photography and as I grew so did my love for photography. As a young man I moved to London where I made it home for 20 years. Worked as a diving professional for 12 years and after a change in profession I moved onto the construction industry.

Now I have recently moved back to Portugal where I continue to enjoy myself, this time under the sun. In general, I am comfortable using both film and digital, preferring to photograph with the natural light available, I believe it gives a more truthful and natural sense of how the eye sees’s rather than the camera.

I have for a long time known and understood the reason as to why I photograph, I believe it’s the same for most people with an interest in photography, and that reason is the love for life, I try to see beauty in most things surrounding us. So, photographing these moments is the obvious option allowing me to relive the experience time after time again together with the joy of being able to share them. After a period absent from photography, it’s not until recent times that I have started making a slow return to photography, in the mean time publishing a couple of pictures and completed a project for commercial purpose. Now, bitten by the bug again and surrounded by old and new friends alike with mutual interests, I believe it’s the perfect time to work on some ideas and put the equipment to other use. I sincerely hope you enjoy the photographs on this site and feel free to drop us a line anytime. On average we photograph various times a week, so remember should you require any further information or have a specific request, please do not hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure.

Obrigado. Silvio Conceicao


I often, find myself smiling and consider it to be funny when my friends talk of rules in photography, because here just as in painting you can do anything you like, here you are the boss, why must a tree be brown and green, with clouds, without clouds etc,.

Personally I believe that all light forms can produce good photos. Therefore, I am going to keep on saying that the way I see it there are no rules besides some guidelines that can be applied in most situations to enhance the impact of a scene, so to me the only rule is that there are no rules, photography is an extension of your eye. The only exception to the rule is to safely try and have fun and enjoy yourself, that’s it…